Travel Insurance For Terrorism – Saving Your Wallet and Your Life

The occurrence of a politically motivated terrorist attack grabs the immediate attention of travelers. This is especially true when the attack takes place in a country the traveler is scheduled to visit or is already visiting.How can travelers protect their travel costs – and ensure medical care and evacuation coverage – in the case of a terrorist attack?Most insurance companies rely on the U.S. State Department to publicly declare an attack to be terrorism as the deciding factor that allows for coverage. Once that is established, there are two separate time periods during which most travel insurance plans will cover insured travelers:

after they buy their insurance plan but before they leave on their trip
during the trip
Insurance for Terrorism Before Your Trip LeavesConsider this situation: You are leaving on a two-week tour of India next Wednesday. Your prepaid itinerary includes a scheduled visit to the city of Mumbai. On Saturday before your trip a bomb explodes in downtown Mumbai killing people. The U.S. State Department publicly declares that this was an act of terrorism. When you booked your trip you bought a comprehensive travel insurance policy with terrorism coverage. Now you want to cancel your trip to India.How does the travel insurance plan protect you?

You may cancel the trip because the terrorism occurred within a city on your pre-booked travel schedule, within 30 days of departure, and after the effective date of your trip cancellation coverage.
You will normally receive up to a full refund of your prepaid trip cost.
Some plans, however, may only reimburse you in the form of a credit allowing you to rebook a future trip.
If you want a cash refund, you need to check insurance plan terms before buying. But be sure it provides a refund, not a travel credit.
Purchasing Tip: Usually a travel insurance plan you buy from a travel agent or from an insurance company will have stronger coverage than a plan you buy directly from the travel company taking you on the trip.
Insurance for Terrorism During Your TripConsider this situation: You are on your trip to India. While riding the train into the city of Mumbai, a bomb goes off in the passenger car in front of you. People are killed and you are rescued uninjured with others from the damaged train. Now you want to return home from India as soon as possible.How does the travel insurance plan protect you?

Trip Interruption coverage will reimburse your additional expenses for transportation home not included in the prepaid trip cost.
It covers your prepaid costs of unused, non-refundable land or sea travel not yet taken before your trip was interrupted.
Worldwide emergency travel assistance from a good insurance company will help arrange to get you home, or to safety and then home.
Medical CoverageConsider this situation: You are seriously injured during the same terrorist attack on the train going into Mumbai. You need immediate medical attention.How does the travel insurance plan protect you?

Your emergency medical expenses and medical evacuation expenses are normally covered.
Your insurance company will provide a medical consultant to arrange your medical transport, treatment and payment with healthcare providers.
A good insurance plan will pay to fly your dependent child or children home. It may pay for an adult to fly to your bedside if no one is with you.
Your coverage will prepay or reimburse your additional expenses for transportation home not included in the prepaid trip cost.
Worldwide emergency travel assistance will arrange to get you home, with a medical attendant if needed, when you are able to travel.
Why Would You NOT be Covered for Terrorism?When does travel insurance not protect you for terrorism and why?

You have already booked your trip to India and hear Mumbai might be a terrorist target. You want to cancel even though nothing happened yet.
You are scheduled to travel to Mumbai, India, on May 15. The terrorist attack occurs on March 20. You want to cancel. The attack did not occur within 30 days of your scheduled departure so there is no coverage.
You are scheduled to visit Mumbai, India, and a terrorist attack occurs in Goa, India. You are not scheduled to visit Goa so there is no coverage.
Your prepaid itinerary does not include visiting Mumbai. During your trip you go there on your own. A terrorist attack occurs while you are there. There is no coverage. You did not include Mumbai in your prepaid plans.
To cancel prior to your trip and obtain coverage that might otherwise be denied, such as due to fear an attack might happen, a “Cancel for Any Reason” upgrade is an option that most travel insurance companies offer. It allows you to cancel up to two days prior to departure, usually for a partial refund of up to 75% of prepaid trip costs. Most such plans must be purchased with 14 days of your initial trip deposit.How will travel insurance protect you in the face of terrorist threats and actual acts of terrorism? It pays to know the facts. If you purchase travel insurance for terrorism coverage, make sure you fully understand your options.

Best Gifts For Your Traveller Buddy

I know it is very hard to choose a gift for your buddy or very close friend. At times, you want to buy everything in the market but you cannot buy all the stuff around. And at times, you want to buy something but you cannot buy that stuff for your friend due to insufficient funds. And at times, it gets quite hard to decide a suitable gift for your best friend.I have managed to come up with a few best gifts that you can give to your friend who loves traveling. Although it is not necessary to give these gifts to travellers only, of course you can send these to anyone but these are especially for travellers.Travel EarphonesTravel earphones are something that every single traveller on this earth loves. I mean have you ever seen a traveller without a music player and earphones? Have you ever seen a traveller who is travelling without travel earphones? This is because travelling becomes boring without music or earphones. So a travel earphone is compulsory for every trip. And yes, there is nothing better than travel earphones for your buddy. Buy one of the best earphones, wrap it and send it to your buddy before he sets out for his next trip.Scratch MapA traveller without a map is like a soldier without a sword. Most of the travellers use Google maps and other online maps. Traditional maps are not used any more but this scratch map is a new thing. Scratch maps are not similar to traditional maps in any way. In a scratch map, you can scratch the cities and countries that you have visited making them look colorful and prominent than others. So it gets quite easy for travellers to differentiate between cities they have visited and those that are still on the list. This is another great gift for your friend. It is although, a bit hard to find scratch maps because it is not pretty common and only a few stores are selling it.Travel BagHow can we miss a travel bag. Yes a travel bag is not one of the best gifts because almost every traveller has a couple of bags with him. But if you are giving a special high quality travel bag with multiple pockets to your buddy, then this sounds a great idea. I mean there is no need to give an ordinary or traditional sort of bag, rather try to buy a bag that has something special. And I must say, it is not hard to buy a perfect premium travel bag for your friend since there are many brands and stores out there that produce and sell quality travel bags. Buy one for your buddy today.Digital CameraThis sounds expensive but your friend will love this gift. A traveller cannot afford to miss new and beautiful places that he/she visits. They want to save them in the shape of pictures and movies with them for future reference. Your friend will love a digital camera. Importantly, you have several different options to choose from when it comes to buying a digital camera.

Traveling to Harare – Perspectives From a Resident

Harare is Zimbabwe’s capital with a population of over 2 million people. Zimbabwe itself is a landlocked country which has a total of 13 million people. As would be known by many, Zimbabwe has been in serious political and economic difficulties in the last decade and a half. By way of background, until 2009 things had taken a negative turn in Zimbabwe. It was about 2009 that a political settlement was finally arrived at by major contenders. Since then the economy of Zimbabwe has been on the mend albeit slowly.Since the economic upturn, focus has once again started returning to the country with a positive outlook. Many airlines that had pulled out have since started returning. This sustained return of different airlines after having pulled out is a positive sign of better days to come. More importantly, it is an indication that confidence in the traveler is returning. The country’s immigration department has noted a spike in arrivals from a cross section of travelers according to nationality. This increase in arrivals is confirmed for both air and road travelers.Business travelers to Zimbabwe mostly touch down in Harare. Holiday travelers are still predominantly visiting the Victoria Falls some 1000kms away from Harare. Access to Victoria Falls is by road as well as through air using Victoria Falls International Airport. For those coming to Harare accommodation is an important consideration. After years if stagnation, hotels in Harare appear to be on a rebound. Many of then have invested millions of United States dollars into the refurbishment of their respective rooms. Occupancy rates have also significantly picked-up.Many travel and hospitality enthusiasts in Zimbabwe have seen an opportunity and opened lodges. This means Harare has seen the sprouting of upmarket lodges designed for the business traveler. Many of the lodges are now in direct competition with long established but economically dented hotels. A major challenge has also emerged alongside this positive outcome. The upmarket lodges are generally expensive. This means business and even leisure travelers to Harare will need to prepare to face generally high accommodation fees.Utility supplies has also been an issue around Harare. This refers to water and electricity. Whilst things have improved and continue to improve this will remain a major concern for travelers used to uninterrupted availability of these basics. Security in Harare on the most part remained positive even during the political and economic troubles. This means it is generally very safe even today to move about in Harare. However, tourists as usual will need to take precaution as they can easily become targets of petty or even more serious crime. As relations with western countries such as Europe and the United States and Canada improve, Harare will likely become a bustling tourist city once again.